iFoods, a proposed research and development company is in development to find solutions, healthy cures, and sustainable strategies to secure the future health of this world.

The One Percent for Health Foundation is here to help produce changes and achieve a "Life in Balance".

How can you achieve a life in balance and change the world for the greater good?
You can be part of a new eco-friendly revolution with the Power of our Forks!
How You Can Make a Difference

•    Ask for a veggie burger at restaurants and avoid fast-food hamburgers
•    Veggie Day: make a least one day a week a vegan day.
•    Take your own bags to the grocery store; reduce and reuse.
•    Never eat veal or duck (foie gras): the two most abused farm animals
•    Your body is your Temple. Same for your loved ones. Look at ingredients.
•    Eat Locally- support family farms, local foods and organic sources.
•    EAT LESS MEAT.  More vegetables & fruit equals less deadly disease.
•    Choose Organic. Do homework- factory farms are deadly in many ways.

If you do eat meat, eat it occasionally- not exclusively, and choose organic.
So one of the best things you can do to help  is to go vegetarian, or almost vegetarian. And if you must eat meat, be aware that a Swedish study in 2003 showed that production of organic beef yields 40% less greenhouse gases and consumes 85% less energy ( and equivalent to a 1h 50m car journey). And it’s better for your body. One hormone injected into beef to promote fast weight gain and growth, diethylstilbestrol (DES), has been implicated in breast cancer and fibroid tumors.

Eat Locally Grown
Food is traveling farther than ever. Once upon a time people ate seasonally—artichokes in the winter, cherries in June. Now you can buy most fruits and vegetables practically year-round.  The average American meal contains ingredients produced in at least five other countries. The transportation of food and agricultural products constitutes more than 20% of total commodity transport within the U.S.  To help reduce CO2 emissions (released from trucks, airplanes, and cargo ships), it's best to buy food that's in season, organic and grown locally. Go to ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets to find the farmers' market nearest you.

Origins of The One Percent for Health Foundation-

Gardenchef® Paul Wenner created the foundation after he invented the Gardenburger™, a new food product and marketing company  branding a line of healthy and great tasting food products and the world’s most popular meatless burger brand. Gardenburger® brand is recognized by 87% of the population of the United States.  Billions of Gardenburgers® have been sold over the last 22 years which has had an incredible positive effect on the environment in terms of millions of acres of land and as many cows that have not been destroyed.

Mr. Wenner was voted Entrepreneur of the Year, US, Entrepreneur Magazine (1997), CEO and founder of Wholesome and Hearty Foods, Inc. listed in Forbes top 100 companies in America, Forbes Magazine (1996), a Best Business Ethics Top 10, Business Ethics Magazine (1997), Top Ten Products in America, New York Times (1998) and the Number One producing Stock on the Globe, Nasdaq Stock Exchange, in1994.  The One Percent for Health Foundation is another chance to give back to the world, pay it forward, elevate and educate in the process.