450 BILLION meals are consumed every month…

We have the opportunity to change the world, each day. Every individual affects the world's economy, ecology, global environment and political strength three times a day with every meal. The domino effect of what we eat has an extraordinary effect on our lives and most people are living without the knowledge and truth about our world's foods. Just imagine 6.8 billion people's food choices daily, for a month.

In 2013 the consumption rate is increasing, the waste is immeasurable and the ill effects are the #1 causes of death (premature mortality) & global degradation. Think about what you eat and the domino effect that follows.  We need to 'Change Our Ways' and reduce our meat consumption. E&E Co will bring to you expert wellness insights, the latest findings based in truth and solutions to the most important issues in your life.

A Solution- E&E Co’s mission is to build the greatest resource possible to address the most highly concentrated ill effects on our planet, by means of a slate of multimedia projects, whole food solutions, information and education.  The world needs to focus on the "Power Of Our Forks™."   Eat & Evolve.