MJ Lasky spearheaded a collaborative venture in 2009 known as the Venture Catalyst Engine. A conscious capital venture incorporating an acquisition of Gotham Metro Studios select debt and intellectual properties, key strategic digital technology alliances and empowered talent referred to as The Venture Catalyst Group: Tech and Media Focus.

I.   CONSULTING-  C2M Services, LLC. "Catalyst-2-Market" facilitation, consulting and marketing.  A Oregon based company.

II.  MEDIA-              E4 Studios, producers of Enlightened Entertainment, Feature Films & Digital Media 

III. FUNDING-         Hedge Fund debt structures to serve existing preforming assets and businesses. 

I.  Catalyst-2-Market Services, LLC- "C2M"

“C2M Services company offers C-level Consulting in the Media and FinTech sectors”. C2M is currently engaged in accelerator consulting services for Power Corporation and their Cash-2-Cloud™ strategies.  See C2M Services.com for more information.


II. Films & New Media

E4 Studios has developed a slate of 12 motion pictures for global theatrical markets. The guiding principals for selecting projects require at least four of our essential "E" qualities serving E4's vision, mission and values.  Entertain, Enlighten, Educate, Excite, Elevate, Evolve, Empower.   E4 Studio films and media projects are produced, marketed and managed with social media network and tools incorporated into all phases of the projects. The E4 Studios film slate development began in the famed César Tower/Tour de Rive on Lake Geneva, Switzerland in 2001. Inspired by the enchanted surroundings of Mont Blanc, the Nyon castle, Lac Le Man, Zermatt and the endless historic relics, the subject matter has been further enriched by Lasky's world travels, extraordinary characters and epic stories.



III. EB-5 Express, a private equity centric matrix for foreign investment co-ventures.

EB-5 Express is a consulting group serving as a bridge between China and western nation business strategies. The type of businesses served include real estate development, specializing in high-end luxury residences in Los Angeles and Hawaii. FinTech and alternative finance for the underserved and unhappily banked. The third sector specializes in multi-media projects to include feature films for the global marketplace.