Michael J Lasky is a Venture Catalyst Consultant experienced with international business partnerships to develop and produce U.S. domestic media and tech endeavors. His vision is to assist Clients reach the marketplace with integrity and significant value by setting the standard for comparison. 

Catalyst Process


We seek to identify select business models possessing significant opportunities in their respective global markets. In evaluating potential portfolio partners, we pay particular attention to the following characteristics:

• Management. We seek enterprises whose management team consists of talented individuals of high integrity with specialized experience. We focus on the depth of the core management team and the extent to which key managers have an ownership interest in the company.

• Opportunity for Significant Influence. We favor investments in companies in which we have the opportunity to become a partner in the building of the business, rather than being merely a financial participant. In addition, we pursue companies in which our representatives will play a role in setting corporate missions, vision and values when fine tuning their strategies.  We provide advice regarding important decisions affecting policies and procedures, including analyzing potential acquisitions, recruiting key managers, securing equity and debt financing and evaluating strategic opportunities.

• Market Dynamics. We prefer investments in enterprises that are addressing a large unfulfilled market demand with long-term growth prospects and that can reasonably expect to achieve and maintain a significant market share through proprietary products and services. We also favor participation within significant performance models with market pricing advantages breaking significant barriers established by effective competition.

• Ability to Achieve Liquidity. We consider the potential and likely means for achieving the liquidity that would ultimately enable us to realize the value of our equity investments within 3 to 5 years. Achieving liquidity may include an initial public offering of the company, a restructuring exit for growth and investor liquidity, a purchase by the company or its managers.

• Ability to Service Debt. With respect to our mezzanine investments, we seek companies that have demonstrated predictable and sustainable cash flows from operations, strong tangible assets, reasonable financial leverage relative to cash flows from operations, and reasonable prospects to retire at least 50% of their senior indebtedness within three years of our investment.

The investment process includes the identification, due diligence, negotiation, documentation and closing of the investment. Our due diligence focus includes:

  review of historical and prospective financial information

  review of job creation and job placement feasibility

  location and its demographic reach

  on-site facility visits

•  interviews with management, employees, customers and vendors of the potential portfolio company

  background checks

•  research relating to the company's management, markets, products and services.

Additional due diligence with respect to any loan or investment by us may be conducted on our behalf by attorneys and independent accountants prior to the closing of the investment, as well as other outside advisers, as appropriate. An investment memorandum is created from the due diligence and presented to our Board of Directors for its approval.


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