"Intellectual Property"

MJ Lasky's Venture Catalyst Group has been in the media, finance and intellectual property sectors since 1983. Michael J Lasky has performed as a Venture Catalyst consultant, producer and principal in media, digital technology and entertainment business endeavors worldwide.  Form and Function are only concepts without Finance. Lasky projects have included venture accelerators, film & media production and real estate.  

Lasky's business accelerator (C2M Services) is primarily focused upon IP-centric opportunities. Exceptions are made for sustainable business models in one-off entertainment projects such as motion pictures, music production, television and mobile media.  Mr. Lasky works with teams of strategic alliances worldwide to secure growth capital with key management talents.

Consulting update-  2020

  • Power Corporation-  "disruptive FinTech models serving the underbanked and unhappily banked."
  • Stashbox- The Cash-2-Cloud™ Solution, a retirement and finance management solution for small service industry businesses and their employees. 
  • E4 Studios- independent film finance, consulting and production services.