The E&Eco mission is to deliver what the consumers want but can’t find behind mega-corporate ideas of what ‘healthy’ is. We will deliver truth, value, trust, credibility and integrity of products and services through a unique mix of celebrity endorsement, multimedia product  placement, testimonial, and entertaining, informative programming.

We aim to change our world one meal at a time. Literally, with the power of our forks.  Showing our customers how what they eat affects much more than what they may realize will develop a whole new  enlightened marketplace—building on an existing marketplace hungry for responsible product and production.

Did we mention found solutions that also taste great? A key part of our product awareness strategy is the focus on taste — how good for you and good for the environment tastes great too!

Using a multi-faceted approach including motion pictures, television programming, Internet distribution and marketing, we aim to create a broad market awareness.

Through this market awareness, we create our market for quality and accessible line of products and services.

Our products range from meal bars to fully prepared meals and recipe packages, to books, DVDs and Internet subscription content. Great tasting and good for you and your planet too!

Building on our Internet presence, E&E Co becomes a portal for information, resources and support forums for people seeking ways to make a difference — and make a tasty alternative for today's food choices.